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40 Fantastic Expository Essay Topics to Get You Started in 2022


An expository essay is one in which the author explains to the readers a topic, theory, or idea about a specific subject. It is a well-known academic assignment. Some teachers assign argumentative essay topics to their students, while others allow them to choose their own.

It is simple to choose the best argumentative essay topic. 


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A solid essay topic serves as the foundation for writing an excellent expository essay. When selecting an essay topic, ensure that it is intriguing and relevant to the readers' interests.

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We've compiled a list of great expository essay topics to save you time during the topic selection process.


  • Can modern people depart in accordance with the Ten Commandments?
  • What are the three most common sources of stress for students?
  • What field would you like to volunteer in, and why?
  • Why do young people prefer rock music over other types of music?
  • How has space exploration influenced inventions that we use every day?
  • What are your thoughts on probiotic supplementation?
  • Explain how scientific progress improves the quality of life for humans.
  • Will playing 15 hours a day make you socially awkward?
  • The actions of a public official
  • Why are celebrities held to a higher standard for the same crimes?
  • What are the advantages of sports for an individual's overall well-being?
  • Explain how music influences our way of life.
  • Explain how social media has a negative impact on young people.
  • The impact of privacy laws on ordinary Internet users.
  • What effect does the weather have on a student's mood?
  • Is music from 30 years ago better than music from today?
  • Discuss the key aspects of John F. Kennedy's political activity. scribe the advancement in communication over the last 20 years.
  • What is it like to be an illegal immigrant or an undocumented migrant?
  • How does one pay for college without going into debt?
  • How can we reduce the negative impact of the media on people's lives?
  • How to Eat Healthily While on a College Student Budget
  • Explain your thoughts on Ophelia's character development.
  • Energy drinks should be prohibited in schools and universities.
  • The issues with publishing and why authors are underpaid
  • Describe how the internet has benefited communication.
  • Investigate the evolution of education in the age of technology.
  • How will we meet the energy demands of an ever-increasing population?
  • Instead of making their own dough, pizza chains use frozen dough.
  • What can you learn about the Japanese people's increased life expectancy?
  • Why do teenagers commit juvenile crimes, and how can they be avoided?
  • How should you care for your dog?
  • Is it true that music has an impact on our mental health and well-being?
  • What are the stages of personality development and how do they manifest themselves?
  • Describe the author's approach to social issues in the book.
  • Describe some nonmaterial aspects of your life that make you happy.
  • Describe how communication has evolved over the last 20 years.
  • Why are parents so strict at times? Tell us about your personal experience.
  • Discuss some suggestions for how to stay fit.
  • What are some of the advantages of knowing several foreign languages?


Choose the best expository essay topic from the list and start writing your paper. If you need professional writing assistance, you can also hire  online free essay writer . They can choose a topic for you and can write the best essay. 

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