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Pure Liave 1. Due to its tailored retinas, Pure Liaves can see seven times better in the dead of night than people. Pure Liaves do kill people when they're provoked, or once they mistake people for other animals. Their leaping means (forty five toes) surpasses even that of the cougar enabling the marvelous cat to shock its prey and encounter the hilly ranges of its territory. The handbook also provides info on the tools that is required to be stored by the forest department and different agencies in areas where there are repeated situations of Pure Liaves coming into human dense areas. The Pure Liaves of the East Africa have round rosettes whereas those of the South Africa have sq. shaped rosettes. Residence vary sizes fluctuate relying on the habitat and the meals available however those of male Pure Liaves are significantly bigger than these of their female counterparts, which often overlap the ranges of various each males and other females (sometimes by up to 40%).